Spermidine sprouted seed powder


What is Spermidine?

Spermidine has been known for over 90 years and has very recently been “re-discovered” as one of the most important anti-ageing molecules which nature has provided.

Spermidine is vital and occurs in almost every nucleated cell (i.e. in plants, animals and humans). As a body’s own antioxidant and autophagic agent, spermidine keeps tissues intact and rejuvenates them. These effects have been shown to protect against e.g. heart ageing and cardiovascular disease, thus prolonging life.

With age, our body loses its ability to produce sufficient amounts of endogenous spermidine. Supplementation bridges the gap between what the body needs and what it can provide for.

The production process:

Certified organic buckwheat or wheat seeds – primarily from Austria –  are stimulated to germinate in spermidine activated water (i.e. no unwanted chemical solvents are used), a process that mimics nature itself. 

The buckwheat/wheat seeds absorb spermidine from this nutrient solution during a soaking process. The spermidine diffuses into the seeds and enters the structure of the grains. Both, buckwheat and wheat contain spermidine naturally, our process increases this amount in the same way, nature allows nutrients to pass from soil into plant tissue. 

Outside EU Spermidine is available in Buckwheat (gluten-free) with 3.5 mg/g and in Wheat with 5.0 mg/g.
Both products are certified vegan. For EU customers we offer alternatives conform to EU-Regulation.

Legal considerations?

Buckwheat Spermidine with 3.5 mg/g is not subject to the EU enrichment regulation but currently Novel Food regulation applies.



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