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What is FulMINe™ ?

FulMINe™ is a perfectly balanced, all-natural complex of humic acids and fulvic acids and their natural salts, humates and fulvates. The complex contains all essential minerals and trace elements in a naturally chelated form. FulMINe™ delivers minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable form that lets the body regulate the amounts taken up according to its need.

By placing either an electrical charge on wanted minerals to facilitate their uptake, or giving e.g. unwanted heavy metals a neutral charge to make them difficult to absorb by a living organism, FulMINe™ delivers minerals and trace elements while detoxifying the body from excessive and unwanted heavy metals.


What are humic substances?

Humic substances are part of the natural soil humus and play an important role in both soil fertility and in living organisms (plants, animals and man).
They have been formed over millenia from humic organic matter that consists mainly of a mixture of plant and microbial constituents plus the same constituents in various stages of decomposition (i.e. plant/microbial mixtures of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and partially degraded lignins, tannins, melanins, etc.
They can be divided into three components according to their solubility: humic acids, fulvic acids and humin. Modern farming practices have stripped the soil of its humus and no replacements have been used. Today, our soils are low on these humic substances and as a result, plants (crops), animals and man are not receiving adequate amounts in our normal diet. Research has indicated that when soil humus percentages fall below 2%, the soil cannot provide sufficient quantities of humic materials, with the effect that crops take up fewer nutrients, e.g. minerals and trace elements, from the soil.


Health benefits of FulMINe™

FulMINe™ offers a full spectrum of essential minerals and trace elements in a perfect ratio and in a naturally chelated form that is highly bio-available. It is a natural biopolymer that delivers essential nutrients and binds to excessive minerals and heavy metals thus detoxifying the body.
Another key feature of FulMINe™, our humic and fulvic acid complex, is its role as a natural shield against bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. To cite just one scientific publication: “hospital studies show that difficult viral respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with fulvic acid dietary supplementation (Havel, 2014, available on request).

  • in compliance with cGMP
  • without the addition of artificial flavours and/or colours
  • without addition of carriers


  • is solvent free
  • pesticide free
  • gluten free
  • non-GMO


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