Oxyjun® – A Strong Heart for Amateur and Professional Athletes Alike

Every physical exertion – whether it is simply climbing stairs, leisurely jogging or an ambitious workout – requires an increased pumping capacity of the heart. Restrictions to this pumping capacity can have many origins and are summarized under the term “cardiac insufficiency”: Age, excessive weight, stress, lack of exercise, prolonged sitting are “the usual suspects” and typical risk factors for a common disease with high mortality.

This disease however is not new, even though the modern lifestyle supports the spreading of the affliction. Traditional Ayurveda transcripts describe heart insufficiencies and how the heart can be strengthened naturally. The Indian company Enovate Biolife Pvt. have been inspired by these ayurvedic writings and searched for evidence that meets modern scientific standards.

An Ayurveda cardiac tonic is made from the bark of a tree (Terminalia arjuna) native to India.

Scientifically founded (randomized double-blind placebo controlled) studies have shown that extract from Terminalia arjuna not only acts as a supportive adjuvant for various cardiac insufficiencies, but that healthy people can also benefit from this extract when cardiac output is to be gently adapted to physical exertion.

Enovate Biolife Pvt. with their brand Oxyjun® has brought to the market an extract which has been the subject of two human studies involving professional athletes and amateurs and is known to be free of toxic substances.

It has been shown that while taking Oxyjun®, endurance time and endurance performance are enhanced with less fatigue. At the same time, systolic blood pressure decreases, oxygen uptake (VO2 max) increases and lower extremity strength improves.


Supplementation with 400 mg Oxyjun® a day over an 8 week period:

  • increases cardiovascular endurance
  • reduces cardiovascular risk
  • strengthens heart performance and improves pump efficiency: more blood per heartbeat is delivered to tissues.
  • increases VO2 max and cardiac output
  • helps maintain healthy blood pressure,
  • increases muscular performance, e.g. leg muscles

Oxyjun ®

  • free of Arjunolic acid (due to a proprietary manufacturing process)
  • solvent free
  • pesticide free
  • gluten free
  • non-GMO


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