Cultavit® – Inspired by nature...

The Cultavit® process has made it possible to optimise and standardise biological growth and seeding processes, to concentrate essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in the natural matrix. At the end of the process, we have products available that contain a multiple of the recommended daily intake in a single gram.

Central to the Cultavit® manufacturing process is buckwheat. Buckwheat, bot. Fagopyrum esculentum, has been cultivated in Europe and Asia for centuries and has experienced a real renaissance in the past few years: Despite the similarity in name, buckwheat is not related to wheat and therefore contains no gluten. This is one of the reasons why flour, based on buckwheat seeds, gain more and more popularity and importance.

Its seedlings have proven to be particularly receptive and robust. Embedded in nutritious, aqueous milieu and under the right temperature and environmental conditions, the seedlings begin to grow. The buckwheat seeds gather the required nutrients from the medium and incorporate these into its natural structures.

This process is controlled carefully, continuously supervised and terminated at the optimum time. Due to long-lasting experience, the Cultavit® process can now provide very well reproducible results.
The concentration of our vitamins, minerals and meanwhile also other nutrients, are within defined limits. Common to all biological procedures, these cannot be measured accurately, but are calculable. Therefore our product can be used in healthy, vegetarian foods without any problems.


Following products are currently available:

  • Cultavit® V – 8 B-Vitamins in one product
  • Cultavit® B3 – min. 450% RDA Nicotinamide per gram
  • Cultavit® B6 min. 360% RDA per gram
  • Cultavit® B9 min. 450% RDA per gram
  • Cultavit® B12 – min. 145% RDA Methylcobalamin
  • Cultavit® D3 – 10,000 i.U. per gram
  • Cultavit® VS – Combination of B-Vitamins and Se, Zn, Cu and Mn
  • Cultavit® S1 – Zinc, Copper and Manganese
  • Cultavit® S2 – Iron, Chromium and Molybdenum
  • Cultavit® Fe min. 90% RDA per gram
  • Cultavit® Se 1.000 mcg Selen pro Gramm
  • Cultavit® Zn min. 200 % RDA pro Gramm
The Cultavit® – product series is continuously extended to the needs of our customers.
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Results of our first comparative study on the bioavailability of folic acid are available here.



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A presentation on Cultavit® titled Cultavit® – Nature in a capsule is available here.

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